Updating Cells (XMLA)

You can use the UpdateCells command to change the value of one or more cells in a cube enabled for cube writeback. Microsoft SQL Server SQL Server Analysis Services stores the updated information in a separate writeback table for each partition that contains cells to be updated.


The UpdateCells command does not support allocations during cube writeback. To use allocated writeback, you should use the Statement command to send a Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) UPDATE statement. For more information, see UPDATE CUBE Statement (MDX).

Specifying Cells

The Cell property of the UpdateCells command contains the cells to be updated. You identify each cell in the Cell property using that cell's ordinal number. Conceptually, SQL Server Analysis Services numbers cells in a cube as if the cube were a p-dimensional array, where p is the number of axes. Cells are addressed in row-major order. The following illustration shows the formula for calculating the ordinal number of a cell.

Formula to calculate the cell ordinal position

Once you know a cell's ordinal number, you can indicate the intended value of the cell in the Value property of the Cell property.

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