Lesson 1: Defining a Data Source View within an Analysis Services Project

Applies to: SQL Server Analysis Services Azure Analysis Services Power BI Premium

Designing a business intelligence application in SQL Server starts with creating an SQL Server Analysis Services project in SQL Server Data Tools. Within this project, you define all the elements of your solution, starting with a data source view.

This lesson contains the following tasks:

Creating an Analysis Services Project
In this task, you create the SQL Server Analysis Services Tutorial project, based on an SQL Server Analysis Services multidimensional model template.

Defining a Data Source
In this task, you specify the AdventureWorksDW database as the data source for the SQL Server Analysis Services dimensions and cubes that you define in subsequent lessons.

Defining a Data Source View
In this task, you define a single unified view of the metadata from selected tables in the AdventureWorksDW database.

Modifying Default Table Names
In this task, you modify table names in the data source view, so that the names of subsequent SQL Server Analysis Services objects that you define are more user-friendly.

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Lesson 2: Defining and Deploying a Cube

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