Windows 11 file explorer crashes on search

Larry MSW 36 Reputation points

When i attempt to perform a search of my drives using file explorer in Windows 11 it works when I only access the C: drive. If I attempt the same search on another drive, which contain almost a TB of data, it begins to display the search results but then crashes. Any suggestions on how to repair file explorer? I have tried a number of suggested solutions posted on the internet but none of them have been helpful in my situation.

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  1. Larry MSW 36 Reputation points

    I had previously tried both of your suggestions but neither of them solved my problem. I have a desktop PC running Windows 10 pro and ran the same search on the same drive using this computer and it worked. The computer that I am having issues with is a desktop PC running Windows 11 Pro. I do think this is a Windows 11 issue.

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  2. Larry MSW 36 Reputation points

    Thanks I have also tried your suggestions but to no avail. File Explorer begins the search but within 10 sec of less crashes. It is very weird as if I search the same terms on C: drive it searches for a longer period of time. Only seems to have an issue when I choose a different drive on my network.

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  3. Larry MSW 36 Reputation points

    Did as you requested and there are two errors and one warning associated with my attempts to search my computer. They are listed below;




    I hope I have done this correctly.
    The more I pursue this issue the stranger it gets. The search appeared to work on my C: drive but on further investigation I discovered another anomaly. If I search a term from the C:, knowing there is a file in my user directory with the term associated with the search, the search will not find it but if I perform the same search from the users directory it finds all the files.
    I am beginning to think that a reinstall of Windows 11 may be the only answer but that from my experience creates even more issues so would not like to go down that road.
    Thanks everyone for your assistance on this matter.

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  4. Larry MSW 36 Reputation points

    Thanks again for all your input into this issue. This is getting beyond my comprehension so think I will have to live with what I have until I have had a chance to pursue other issues. My Windows 11 64 bit machine is quite new but recently it is having some really unusual behavior and not sure what is happening. I personally do not recall installing any new programs but things seem to install themselves without my knowledge.
    Will keep everyone up to date if I do find a solution to my issue but for now it looks like this is a bigger issue than I can solve.
    Take Care everyone and once again thanks for all your help.

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  5. S.Sengupta 10,771 Reputation points MVP

    Use the Windows Search and Indexing troubleshooter to try to fix any problems that may arise. To use the troubleshooter, follow these steps:

    Select Start, then select Settings > System > Troubleshoot > Search & Indexing > Run troubleshooter

    Rebuild the Windows 11 search index. Open Settings by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting it from the list, and then go to Search > Searching Windows > Customize search locations > Advanced > Rebuild.

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