Video source works in DirectShow but not MF: Error 0x80070491

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We are developing a camera. We have two resolution versions, low res 384 x 290 and medium res 640 x 481.
The low and medium versions work with DirectShow (either GraphEdt or VLC) on Win10.
The low res works with Windows Camera, but not the med res one, on playing it give the error 0x80070491 (which is error unknown)
I've built the Windows SDK SimpleCapture app to debug, but I just get a Windows event with the code 0x80070491 as before on start of playback.
I've run MFTrace on this app, but it's the same error with noting I can see as useful additional information.
The low res looks fine in SimpleCapture.
I've compared the advertise UVC properties from both low res and med res and they are identical apart from the width, height and framesize.
The video format is YUY2.
DirectShow handles both OK, and there is no difference in the resultant filter graph.

Any clues as to how to debug further? Issues to look out for?
Are odd line numbers a issue for MF?

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