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andrewchoi-4221 asked tinywang-msft commented core OpenTelemetry tracing implementation at Controller level

I am on .net 6 core. In my web api project, I have the following registration of opentelemetry services.

 services.AddOpenTelemetryTracing(providerBuilder =>
                         options =>
                             options.Enrich = Enrich;
                             options.RecordException = true;
                     .AddOtlpExporter(opt =>
                         opt.Endpoint = new Uri("http://localhost:58459");

In my controller, I had the following code to create an activity and addTag. However, the tags are not being added to the trace of my output.

 using var activity = Startup.ActivitySource.StartActivity("GetReportData");
 if (activity.IsAllDataRequested)
 activity?.SetTag("GetData1", "Success");
 activity?.AddTag("GetLinkData", "Success");

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Hi, actually I didn't find a document about how to use OpenTelemetry in core. You may go to their site to get assistance...

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