How to disable the two factor authentication from single user.

Ashwin Barfa 26 Reputation points

We are using SharePoint. And we would like to disable the two factor authentication for only one or two users.
Thanks in Advance

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  1. Emily Du-MSFT 36,861 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    @Ashwin Barfa
    Go to Microsoft 365 admin center -> Users -> Active users -> Select the user -> Manage multifactor authentication -> Select the user -> Disable multi-factor authentication.

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  1. Monica Meza 30 Reputation points

    Our issue as a business is that 85% of the users are Teams only. And of those 85%, about 95% don't understand MFA and are ALSO being asked to download an app that they don't understand.

    The main reason is that the team is mostly technologically illiterate and the only time in their lives that they really use tech beyond visiting a website on their phone is to use Teams for communications.

    So, right now, about 80% of our team is unreachable and turning of MFA has been an absolute nightmare.

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  2. teespolyglot 26 Reputation points

    This is due to Security defaults being enabled for the tenant. As per Microsoft's own guidelines (here:, administrators should turn off legacy per-user MFA and then switch on Security defaults in the Microsoft Entra admin center (here:

    User's image

    It seems this overrides the settings in the legacy MFA settings, and it is not possible to disable Security defaults on a per-user basis. It would therefore seem that the only viable way to achieve what you want is to disable security defaults in Microsoft Entra admin center > Azure Active Directory > Properties > Manage security defaults, and then renable MFA for all other users in the legacy Microsoft 365 admin center Multi-factor authentication settings

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  3. Vasil Michev 85,646 Reputation points MVP

    Well, how are you enforcing two-factor authentication for your users?

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  4. George Chrysovalantis Grammatikos 386 Reputation points MVP

    Hi @Jan Erik Bolz ,

    It is important to know that MFA is not recommended to be disabled on user accounts.
    In response to your query, you can disable MFA by following the below PowerShell code:


    • Get the StrongAuthenticationRequirement configured to the user account

    (Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName account@keyman .com).Strong

    • Remove StrongAuthenticationRequirements from the user account

    $mfa = @()
    Set-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName account@keyman .com -StrongAuthenticationRequirements $mfa

    • Verify MFA has been removed

    (Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName account@keyman .com).StrongAuthenticationRequirements

    $User = Get-MSolUser -UserPrincipalName account@keyman .com

    And you can also try to do this through the Azure Portal and account portal:

    I would also suggest to Revoke multifactor authentication sessions and Revoke sessions for the user account.

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