Private DNS Resolver - Inbound endpoint fail to deploy - Conflict

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I am trying to set up Private DNS Resolver with a inbound endpoint, but it keep failing. Region = West Europe.
I can create the Private DNS Resolver, but not provision the Inbound Endpoint.

I have tried to

  • Let the Portal-workflow create the subnet for me, a /24 in the scope within the VNET
  • Created a dedicated /24 subnet manually and tried to use that
  • Edited the above subnet to /28 and tried to use that
  • Deleted everything and tried once more


    "status": "Failed",  
    "error": {  
        "code": "InternalServerError",  
        "message": "Failed to allocate inbound endpoint. inboundEndpointResourceId=/subscriptions/xyz/resourceGroups/my-networking-rg/dnsResolvers/mydnspr/inboundEndpoints/pdnsinendpoint, endpointResourceGuid=xyz, virtualNetworkResourceGuid=xyz, subnetResourceId=/subscriptions/xyz/resourceGroups/my-networking-rg/providers/Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks/my-vnet/subnets/my-dedicated-subnet"  

The error really is not giving me much to work on. The status says conflict. There are no VMs or similar in the VNETs.


Azure DNS
Azure DNS
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    I checked with the team and looks like there is a known issue going on in West Europe. You can trigger a new deployment once the issue is resolved. Hopefully you can try it in a day or so.

    Karthik Srinivas

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