How to add TLD domain to my local domain enviroment

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I want to create public website for my TLD ( to my local domain enviroment (Domain: company.local) with self hosted server. I want to add two or more website to point to my local domain server enviroment. I think i need to one server which will routing the request to perfect webserver (i have more web server). On firewall i know, i need to routing the 80 and 443 port to my traffic control server which will send the request for the right web server. Is it good ide? How can solve this problem?

My virtual servers yet:

  • 1 DNS server with Active Directory roles
  • 3 different web server (one main, where some internal webpage is exists, but some specify website need custom roles, like composer or docker enviroment so they have need to separate)
  • 1 firewall
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Windows DHCP
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