why setting a field data type to date does not provide a formatted date value?

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Hello Community,

I am facing an issue since many days ago. Let me describe the problem. It is related to date fields such as InvoiceDate or DueDate. When I open an invoice in Azure Form Recognizer and I analyze it with the Invoice Prebuilt model, I obtain the content, value, and confidence of the field. I noticed a good feature regarding date fields: their values are in this format (YYYY/MM/DD). Check the screenshot:


However, when I create a custom model and I set the InvoiceDate field data type to date and I train the model, if I analyze the same document with this custom model, I only obtain the content without a value. Check the screenshot:


This kind of issue also appear for currency fields such that TotalAmount, but this data type does not exist for custom models.
Looking forward for your help, suggestion, and advises.


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