is it not recomended to design the subsites under SharePoint Online

Biradar, Bhagyashri 1 Reputation point

Hi Team,

I want to create a subsite in the communication template.
how do you want me to proceed? Creating a .aspx page is better or creating a subsite is better?
When do we create a Subsite? When do we go for page design? Can you help me understand the importance of the difference between them?

Please help me with this.

Thank you

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  1. Trevor Seward 11,676 Reputation points

    The preferred architecture is to only have a root site in a Site Collection and when more than one site is required (i.e. subsite), to use the hub and spoke model, instead.

    Subsites are discouraged.

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  2. Hardesh Kumar 1 Reputation point

    Hub Site- This is your main site.
    Subsite- suppose in your organization, you have HR, Finance department, even Project Teams. For all these you can design as subsite and attach to hub site.
    Page- it is normal page where you can put content. Like your home page or you wan to create a contact information page where all contact details you want to put in site. then create a page and put that information in it.

    Real life example-
    Hub site/Site collection- your book collection
    Sub site- Each book in your collection
    Page- each page in your book.


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  3. Itch Sun-MSFT 2,556 Reputation points

    Hi @Biradar, Bhagyashri

    A site is essentially a workspace with various web parts like document libraries, calendar, task list, etc.

    A page is just a means to visualize content on a given site.

    Here are reasons why you would create a new subsite:

    1.You have unique content you need to organize
    2.You have content that requires unique security
    3.You have a new department
    4.You have a new project

    Here are the reasons why you need to create a new page on a given site:

    1.You want to create a different look and feel for an existing site
    2.You need additional screen space to display site apps and do not want your users to scroll up and down through one busy page

    It is important to note that security in SharePoint is set at the site level, not the page level. All the pages share the security of a given site. Yes, you can create unique security for different pages, but that is not the best practice.

    Essentially, they can all provide you with work, it all depends on your specific needs.😊

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