Map only the selected columns when using EntityFramework

Nuwan Wickramanayaka 21 Reputation points

In my recent Entity Core project I am having database table called "YmPlant" and it has 20+ columns. But for my requirement I just need data only from 3 columns. Also I am not required to do the write operations. Only read from YmlPlant table.

Just I need to know is it required to map all columns (20 +) inside the "OnModelCreating" method for YmlPlant table. Either it is working with mapping only the required 3 columns ?


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  1. Laxmikant 216 Reputation points

    on model class you can use attribute

     public int ProductDiscountValue { get; set; }      

    or on model binding event use Fluent API to ignore not required columns

    protected override void OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder modelBuilder)  
           .Ignore(t => t.columnname);        

    see more on EF Core Fluent API

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  2. Karen Payne MVP 35,201 Reputation points

    As @AgaveJoe indicated create a class with that is needed e.g. I have a Customer model and to get only what is needed I created CustomerItem which in turn we use the following to get data back,

    public static async Task<List<CustomerItem>> CustomerItems()  
        await using var context = new Context();  
        return await context.Customers.AsNoTracking().Select(x => new CustomerItem()  
            CustomerIdentifier = x.CustomerIdentifier,   
            CompanyName = x.CompanyName,  
            ContactId = x.ContactId  
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