Slowness in VM WS2012 Standard - HYPER-V environment

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I have the following scenario:

I have a VM on HYPER-V with vhd disk format and it is Gen1.
The VM has 6GB of RAM and 2 vCPUs running Windows server 2012 Standard operating system.

The VM used to run in a vmware environment and we converted it to vhd format to run in a HYPER-V environment. When turning it on in the new physical server, the VM is very slow, when in vmware it performed without problems.

At the end of the conversion of the VM, I proceeded to uninstall the vmware tools since it came with that folder, and activate the integration services.

The slowness was absent for a short period of time and then came back with the same behavior. It is an antivirus server.

The physical host where the VM is running has WS2022 Standard.

What could be causing this behavior in the VM?

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    The antivirus application developer may be your best resource for troubleshooting. Maybe you can try standing up a new one from clean install media, patch fully, migrate roles over and test.

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