[UWP to WPF][C#] How to know whether bluetooth is on or off?

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I want to know whether bluetooth is on or off in Windows 10.
I found microsoft.sdk.contract package in nuget to use Windows 10 API including bluetooth-related methods.

I tried to get 'Radio' instance using 'GetRadioAsync()' but it always throws Class Not Found Exception with Message: HRESULT 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)

But the same source code works well in UWP app.
What am I missing?

void func () {
    BluetoothAdapter bluetoothAdapter = await BluetoothAdapter.GetDefaultAsync();

        Radio awaitedRadio = await bluetoothAdapter.GetRadioAsync();
        if (awaitedRadio != null)
            addText("radio state:" + awaitedRadio.State);
            addText("awaitedRadio is null");
    catch (Exception exception)
        addText(exception.Message + "\n\n");
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    I found the answer.

    Refer to Radio.GetRadiosAsync Method

    When this method is called from a desktop application (Win32), it will retrieve radio instances only when the application is natively compiled for the target architecture (in other words, when the application matches the computer architecture; so an x86 application running on an x64 architecture computer won't see any radio instances).

    So, we should build with target architecutre.

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