Publishing game in Partner Portal - Installer Handlers?

David Long 46 Reputation points

I am stuck on providing the "Installer Handling" with the various reason codes and URL.

The category requires a listing of "Install Scenarios" with EXE return code values and a URL for documenting for all miscellaneous EXE return codes.

Where do I find a list of EXE return code values in order to assure I can build the required documentation page?

"Installation cancelled by user"
"Application already exists"
"Installation already in progress"
"Disk space is full"
"Reboot required"
"Network failure"
"Package rejected during installation"
"Installation successful"

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  1. David Long 46 Reputation points

    Yes, the URL is correct and can be installed on another Win10 machine. The VS2022 EXE setting allows for both x86 and x64. In the one package I had submitted, I selected the x64. Could the issue be that the Partner Central is looking for an x86 package as well?

  2. CS Net 1 Reputation point


    Were you able to get an answer to your question? I had exactly the same problem as you. So I wrote an article on our KB and put the URL to it in the "Provide URL for documentation for all miscellaneous EXE return code values" box:

    I filled out the return code values on the form to match my values, ie "Installation cancelled by user" = "5002" and "5012", etc.

    Then I saved, and my package was uploaded, and the tick went green.

    I hope this helps you or others.

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  3. David Long 46 Reputation points

    Thanks for the return codes. It looks like my problem is that I had compiled my game app in a version of VS Community where there is no option to acquire a standalone/offline installer. The Partner Center is probably waiting for a correct EXE/MSI, and doesn't like the mash of setup and HTM files in the CDN location. I tried to find a way to do copy/paste form controls from one session of VS to another, but it doesn't work. The conversion utility I had tried likewise doesn't work. So I've given up on publishing the game app, as I don't want to have to design the whole game twice just to try again.