iOS Teams App v4.17.0 broke again the display webhook message content

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There was the issue referred here:

that was fixed with the release 4.16.0 of the iOS Teams App, but now after upgrade to v4.17.0 the issue was reintroduced again.

Please we need a fix asap for this problem.

Iphone 7 - iOS version 15.6.1
Teams App: v.4.17.0

Please check the question linked above for details, but you can reproduce it with:

  • create a new webhook on a channel
  • send those two messages, the first one is correctly displayed. The second not.
     \## plain text message:   
     \## content displayed correctly on iOS Teams App.  
     $ curl $webhkurl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{\"text\": \"Hello World\"}"  
     \##  message with Title tag   
     \##  message content is not displayed, only the webhook name.  
     curl $webhkurl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{  "themeColor": "D74654", "text": "emoji tester: 👊 \n\n `backstick text` \n\n >`simple\nbackstick\rtext\n\ndouble n` ",  "TextFormat":"markdown", "Title" : "markdown test notification"}'  


after some more testing, it seems that the presence of the 'Title' attribute, makes the message content not being displayed on iOS Teams App, while the native windows, macos, android apps, webapp client all do still display it correctly as always.


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  1. Christian Mueller 1 Reputation point

    Any update here?

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  2. Frank Liang 1 Reputation point

    Same issue here on 4.19.0 version. Any update?

    A simple test is a text with an image. This will break it.

    "text": "Hello World! <img src=''/>"

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