Windows Server 2019 is shutting down! When the user is logged out

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Hello, I've had a problem for 3-4 weeks! Namely, I have two dell servers from WS 2019 that have been freaking out for some month - the servers turn off by themselves from time to time for unknown reasons. Dell has already ruled out problems with the hardware, so there is a problem with the software - often shutdowns are preceded by some system updates, only that whenever it turned off until restart due to the update, it started the set time for night hours. When analyzing the event preview, I found nothing special except for logs indicating that services are shutting down and the computer simply turns off. In fact, there is no problem when the user is logged in, but when I log out, it turns off after some time! What can be the cause of such a state and, if necessary, what can be checked to eliminate the problem? I would not like to re-install the systems because there are sql, postgres, etc. databases on each of them, and some software.

I am asking for help, maybe someone has already had such a problem?

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  1. Piotr_82R 6 Reputation points

    log shows the initiation of the shutdown and there is nothing else; (all the time the above-mentioned shutdowns occur,
    how can you still find out why such an event is triggered and by what

    czy jest może jakiś numer telefonu gdzie można połączyć się z technikami ms??


    Message : Proces wininit.exe ( zainicjował zamknięcie komputera 413-T440 w imieniu użytkownika Z
    ARZĄDZANIE NT\SYSTEM z następującej przyczyny: Zamknięcie starszego interfejsu API
    Kod przyczyny: 0x80070000
    Typ zamknięcia systemu: zamknięcie
    Id : 1074
    Version : 0
    Qualifiers : 32768
    Level : 4
    Task : 0
    Opcode : 0
    Keywords : -9187343239835811840
    RecordId : 401075
    ProviderName : User32
    ProviderId : b0aa8734-56f7-41cc-b2f4-de228e98b946
    LogName : System
    ProcessId : 760
    ThreadId : 4276
    MachineName : 413-T440
    UserId : S-1-5-18
    TimeCreated : 2022.10.07 07:31:17
    ActivityId :
    RelatedActivityId :
    ContainerLog : System
    MatchedQueryIds : {}
    Bookmark : System.Diagnostics.Eventing.Reader.EventBookmark
    LevelDisplayName : Informacje
    OpcodeDisplayName :
    TaskDisplayName :
    KeywordsDisplayNames : {Klasyczny}
    Properties : {System.Diagnostics.Eventing.Reader.EventProperty, System.Diagnostics.Eventing.Reader.EventPrope
    rty, System.Diagnostics.Eventing.Reader.EventProperty, System.Diagnostics.Eventing.Reader.EventP


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  2. Limitless Technology 43,996 Reputation points

    Hello Piotr82R,

    In this scenario, would be recommended to run the next maintenance on the servers to ensure the health of the system, and detect or fix some underlying issues:

    Additionally, it would be recommended to check available updates for BIOS, Firmware, motherboard, chipset, etc... as it could be part of the issue.


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  3. Piotr_82R 6 Reputation points

    is the same ;(

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