Why are my Data Factory pipelines failing ocassionally due to same error: "request_throttled, Message: Your app has been throttled by AAD due to too many requests"?

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I use Data Factory for multiple projects (different tenants) that have been running daily for months, some of them for over one year.
Along my pipelines, some linked-services are configured by getting secrets from Key vaults resided in same resource groups as data factory.

In the past 2 weeks, in some of the nightly loads, an error has ocurred in any of the following activities: Lookup, Copy activity, Web activity due to the same error:

Error code

Get access token from MSI failed for Datafactory ddc-df-prod, region we. Please verify resource url is valid and retry. Details: Acquire MI token from AAD failed. ErrorCode: request_throttled, Message: Your app has been throttled by AAD due to too many requests. To avoid this, cache your tokens see https://aka.ms/msal-net-throttling.

As the error message suggests, I should "cache my tokens". I am not really sure that I am able to achieve this in data factory.
My pipelines are failing "sometimes" and I have not changed anything in the last weeks.

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