how call api in FormEdit for checkbox?

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Hi, I try to put a checkbox in my application which call an api, thanks to @AgaveJoe .

I've to put await http.GetFromJsonAsync<Developer>($"api/developer/SelectEcoById/{id}"); to invoke SelectedEcoById on Task OnParametersSetAsync()
how should I proceed?

<FormEdit ButtonText="Update" dev="dev"  OnValidSubmit="@EditDeveloper" />  
@code {  
    [Parameter] public int developerId { get; set; }  
    [Parameter] public int id { get; set; }  
    Developer dev = new Developer();           
    protected async override Task OnParametersSetAsync()  
        dev = await http.GetFromJsonAsync<Developer>($"api/developer/{developerId}");  
    async Task EditDeveloper()  
        await http.PutAsJsonAsync("api/developer", dev);  
        await js.InvokeVoidAsync("alert", $"Updated Successfully!");  


<EditForm Model="@dev" OnValidSubmit="@OnValidSubmit">  
    <DataAnnotationsValidator />  
 <input type="checkbox" checked="@isChecked" oninput="CheckboxChanged">  
@code {  
    [Parameter] public Developer dev { get; set; }  
    [Parameter] public EventCallback OnValidSubmit { get; set; }  
    Developer[] developers { get; set; }  
    [Parameter] public bool IsChecked { get; set; } = false;  
    private bool isChecked;  
    protected override void OnParametersSet()  
        isChecked = this.IsChecked;  
    private void CheckboxChanged(ChangeEventArgs e)  
        // get the checkbox state  
       // var value = e.Value;  
           dev.ECOSelected = true;  
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