While implementing Geographic routing using Traffic manager when the endpoint1 fails it is not rerouting to endpoint2


My endpoint1 is WestUS and Endpoint2 is India .My app demands very high availability such that if the request comes from india it should be directed to the endpoint at India and if India is down it should do automatic failover to the other endpoint westUS.But here the app is down when India goes down and automatic failover is not happening. Should we mention any monitoring probe path or anything as such to rectify this issue?

Azure Traffic Manager
Azure Traffic Manager
An Azure service that is used to route incoming network traffic for high performance and availability.
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    Hello @Anonymous ,

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    I understand that you have deployed a Traffic Manager profile with Geographic routing and 2 endpoints but when the endpoint1 fails, it is not doing an automatic failover to endpoint2.

    This is by design for Geographic routing method. A geographic region can be mapped only to one endpoint in a Traffic Manager profile when the routing type is Geographic Routing. Since a region can be mapped only to one endpoint, Traffic Manager returns a response whether the endpoint is healthy or not. If an endpoint match is found and that endpoint is in the Stopped state, Traffic Manager returns a NODATA response. In this case, no further lookups are made higher up in the geographic region hierarchy. This is done to ensure that Traffic Manager respects the geographic boundaries that a customer has setup in their profile.

    Refer : https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/traffic-manager/traffic-manager-routing-methods#geographic-traffic-routing-method

    To get the benefit of failing over to another endpoint when an endpoint goes unhealthy, it’s recommended that geographic regions be assigned to nested profiles with multiple endpoints within it instead of individual endpoints. In this way, if an endpoint in the nested child profile fails, traffic can fail over to another endpoint inside the same nested child profile.

    So, in your case, if all your requests are originating from India and you would like to direct them to India endpoint and only failover to West US when India is unavailable, I would advise you the below:

    • In your existing Traffic manager profile, remove endpoint2 i.e. West US.
    • Create a new traffic manager profile with Priority routing method where you can have endpoint1 as India with Priority 1 and endpoint2 as WestUS with Priority 2.
    • Add the nested endpoint containing the above created child traffic manager profile to your original Traffic manager profile with India region selected in the Geo-mapping.
    • Delete the pre-existing endpoint1 i.e. India endpoint.

    Now, whenever a request comes from India, Traffic manager will route them according to the geo mapping configured in the parent profile and send it to India endpoint which has the nested child profile where you have 2 endpoints with priority routing. Since India endpoint in the child profile has higher priority, all requests will be routed to India. If India endpoint becomes unavailable or goes down, the requests will automatically failover to endpoint2 i.e. WestUS in your case.

    Refer : https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/traffic-manager/traffic-manager-faqs#why-is-it-strongly-recommended-that-customers-create-nested-profiles-instead-of-endpoints-under-a-profile-with-geographic-routing-enabled

    Similar setup with performance and priority routing for your reference:

    Kindly let us know if the above helps or you need further assistance on this issue.


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