Access DFS takes 40 sec

Arjan Langendijk 1 Reputation point

The client domain is having a forest trust with the domain where DFS is located.

When we access a DFS root using \domain.local\shares it takes 1 min before we get a response.

When we access the referal directly it takes 1-2 sec.

When I run a wireshark capture I see the client asking for type SRV, class IN and receives using a conditional forwarder the records of the remove Domain controllers.

It then tries all the domain controllers


It never receives an answer as the query is wrong??:

Filter: (&(&(&(DnsDomain=domain.local)(Host=client))(NtVer=0x20000016))(

It takes 40sec before we get a response

Anyone that can shine some light on this?

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  1. Scott Dawson 156 Reputation points

    I had an issue like this until I fixed my AD sites and services. Is there any chance your clients are hitting remote DCs or DCs without the DFS services and replicas installed? It’s easy to test…place a client in its own site and make a site link to the DC you know works.