How to Implement a Drag and Drop Control in Win32

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In Win32, I want to achieve the same effect as those controls in Visual Studio software. For example, some controls can be separated from the main window and turned into a window, which will be absorbed when the control is moved into the window with the mouse. Can a friend tell me what to do...Thanks,Very much!!!!!!!Everyone!!!!



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Windows API - Win32
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    As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing directly available API in Win32 to implement this, it is usually made up of framework wrappers (such as MFC... ) implementation.

    If you want to try to achieve this effect without MFC. I suggest you could try to use UI Automation to implement control patterns.

    I suggest you could follow the following Docs:
    Implementing UI Automation Control Patterns
    Dock Control Pattern
    Drag Control Pattern
    DropTarget Control Pattern

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