SSIS Script Task - Edit Script not working

Paolo Cos 31 Reputation points

This is a common recurring issue on Microsoft SSIS Projects development IDE on Visual Studio Community 2019 (Windows 10): given a Script Task the edit button that should open a Visual Studio Intance (VSTA) to work on C# code do not react to the click. There are plenty of threads on internet about this topic, which is very common each Visual Studio new upgrade or whatever:

  • Upgrade VS to the latest version
  • Upgrade Sql Server Integration Services Projects to the latest version
  • Repair VSTA 2019 installation
  • Upgrade Windows SO
  • Uninstall and Install Sql Server Integration Service Projects

but this time none of the above is enough to solve. I am running VS 2019 Community 16.11.19 the latest version available as of today;

***UPDATE: after reinstalling Sql Server Integration Service Projects a click on the edit button opens an instance of Visual Studio but it is empty, the code is not available


SQL Server Integration Services
SQL Server Integration Services
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  1. Towhidul Tuhin 11 Reputation points

    Go to project properties, and make sure right TargetServerVersion is set. It was set to SQL Server 2019 in my case, but I didn't have this version installed on my local computer. Since I only have SQL Server 2017 installed on my local computer, changing it to SQL Server 2017 solved my problem.


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  2. Yitzhak Khabinsky 25,201 Reputation points

    Hi @Paolo Cos ,,

    Please uninstall the Sql Server Integration Service Projects extension for VS 2019 v.4.*
    The v.4.0, 4,1, and 4.2 versions have many problems.

    And install its v.3.16
    Version 3.16 is the latest general availability (GA) version.

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  3. Michael Taylor 49,076 Reputation points

    You should use the Report a Problem feature in VS to report the issue to the team that is responsible for the SQL Integration Services extension that you're using. They will better be able to help you.

    In my experience the issue is that you have already opened the editor at least once and either didn't close it or started the debugger and it got confused leaving the editor either open in the background or VS thinking it is open when it isn't. In most cases I either alt-tab to the editor that was still running or use Process Explorer to kill the editor I couldn't see.

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  4. Bava Mani 0 Reputation points

    A simple in-build feature should not have this issue in the first place. Poor product design

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