Form recognizer custom model - how to use my python parser with the API GET response

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I'm making a solution who extract pdf content through a Form recognizer Custom model and add the result to a SQL server database.

With the help of the JSON delivered by the Form recognizer UI, i built a python JSON parser who fits to my custom model and successfully add rows to SQL server when i give my function a variable who is the result of the json.load('example.json').

Now, i try to give in argument of my parsing function the "result" generated by the API GET response but failed to make it work. I try many solution but always fall on almost the same error:

[2022-10-02T08:12:40.755Z] System.Private.CoreLib: Exception while executing function: Functions.BlobTrigger1. System.Private.CoreLib: Result: Failure  
Exception: TypeError: 'AnalyzeResult' object is not subscriptable  

Here is how my parser is working (start of the code):

def insert_json_into_mssql(result_json):  
        analyzeResult = result_json["analyzeResult"]  
        documents_list = analyzeResult["documents"]  
        connection_string = "Driver={ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server};,1433;Database=nip_facturation_dev;Uid=xxxxxxxx;Pwd=xxxxxxxxxx;Encrypt=yes;TrustServerCertificate=no;Connection Timeout=30;"  
        mssql_con = pyodbc.connect(connection_string)  
        mssql_con.setdecoding(pyodbc.SQL_CHAR, encoding='UTF-8')  
        cursor = mssql_con.cursor()  
        x = 0  
        for doc in documents_list :  
            x = x+1  
            print("Processing document index "+str(x))  
            fields = doc["fields"]  
            if "enseigne" in fields:  
                enseigneO = fields["enseigne"]  
                enseigne = enseigneO["content"]  
                print("enseigne= "+str(enseigne))  
                enseigne = None  
                print("enseigne= "+str(enseigne))  

and that's how i call the api and get the result:

def main(myblob: func.InputStream):"Python blob trigger function processed blob \n"  
                 f"Name: {}\n"  
                 f"Blob Size: {myblob.length} bytes")      
    endpoint = ""  
    api_key = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"  
    credential = AzureKeyCredential(api_key)  
    source =  
    model_id = "my_model"   
    credential = AzureKeyCredential(api_key)  
    document_analysis_client = DocumentAnalysisClient(endpoint, credential)  
    poller = document_analysis_client.begin_analyze_document(model_id, document=source)  
    result_json = poller.result()  

I know that i miss a step between the API get response and the way i fill the result to my parser.
Ideally, i would like to to be able to read the response without writing the result as a json file in storage blob.

Thanks :)

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