Saving the output from a execute Pipeline activity to a blob storage or a sql table in ADF

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I am using a scheduled trigger.
I want to save the output log from every execute pipeline activities to a blob storage or a sql table.
How can I do that?
The output should be saved to blob or table when ever the pipeline is success or failure with error message and details.
Can some one guide me?

@Suba Balaji

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  1. ShaikMaheer-MSFT 38,286 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Sampath S ,

    Thank you for posting query in Microsoft Q&A Platform. Let me share detailed steps here so that helps you to understand implementation details better.

    In below Image, MainPipeline is the pipeline which actually runs my child pipeline using Execute Pipeline activity. I named my Execute Pipeline activity as ChildPipeline. Hence In all expressions You see ChildPipline as activity name. In your case when writing expressions kindly use your execute pipeline activity name accordingly.


    Please check below video that explains how stored procedure activity will work also how to get error details and other details from an activity using expressions for better understanding.
    Log Pipeline Executions to SQL Table using Azure Data Factory
    Get Error message of Failed activities in Pipeline in Azure Data Factory

    Hope this helps. Please let me know if any further queries.

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  1. Suba Balaji 11,191 Reputation points

    Please check this blog url. It has the detailed steps with table design.

    Please let us know if it helps.

    Also a request to you, to add additional details of question in comment section instead of answer section as it might affect the question reach

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