Enable a button, when finish work

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I am doing some work in azure and I have a function, that will disable a button when I start

 switch (obj) {  
            case (int)TilesIdentifiers.Audio:  
                var AudioName = CreateDialog(out dlg, ConstantsHelpers.AUDIO);  
                var Audiofilename = Path.Combine(AudioFolderPath, $"{AudioName}{ext}");  
                ToggleTile(true, (int)TilesIdentifiers.Audio);  
                Converter(dlg, Audiofilename, out _, out _);  
                await ConvertToTextAsync(Audiofilename);  
                ToggleTile(false, (int)TilesIdentifiers.Audio);  
            case (int)TilesIdentifiers.Video:  
                var VideoName = CreateDialog(out dlg, ConstantsHelpers.VIDEO);  
                var VideoFilename = Path.Combine(AudioFolderPath, $"{VideoName}{ext}");  
                var inputFile = new MediaFile { Filename = dlg.FileName };  
                var outputFile = new MediaFile { Filename = VideoFilename };  
                var options = new ConversionOptions {  
                    AudioSampleRate = AudioSampleRate.Hz22050  
                var engine = new Engine();  
                if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(inputFile.Filename)) {  
                    engine.Convert(inputFile, outputFile, options);  
                    await ConvertToTextAsync(VideoFilename);  
            case (int)TilesIdentifiers.Ocr:  
            case (int)TilesIdentifiers.Account:  
                Debug.WriteLine("Account", "Debug");  
            case (int)TilesIdentifiers.document:  
                var storageService = new AzureStorageService();  
                CreateDialog(out dlg, ConstantsHelpers.DOCUMENTS);  
                var path = CreateFolder(ConstantsHelpers.TRANSLATIONS);  
                if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(dlg.FileName)) {  
                    var sourceUri = await storageService.UploadToAzureBlobStorage(Path.GetFullPath(dlg.FileName));  
                    var targetUri = await storageService.SaveFromdAzureBlobStorage(Path.GetFullPath(dlg.FileName));  
                    await AzureTranslationService.TranslatorAsync(sourceUri, targetUri);  
                    var PathToSave = Path.Combine(path, dlg.FileName);  
                    //using var client = new HttpClient();  
                    //using var s = await client.GetStreamAsync(targetUri);  
                    //using var fs = new FileStream(PathToSave, FileMode.OpenOrCreate);  
                    //await s.CopyToAsync(fs);  
            case (int)TilesIdentifiers.About:  
                Debug.WriteLine("about", "Debug");  

    private void ToggleTile(bool isWoking, int id) {  
        if (isWoking) {  
            Tiles![id].IsTileActive = false;  
        } else {  
            Tiles![id].IsTileActive = true;  

When the app starts working, the button disables itself (and I can see it grayed out in the UI), but when I finished working, my button doesn't activate again

app : https://github.com/eduardoagr/TranscribeMe (I will update the azure keys, when finished)

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