interate through folder path in ADX to merge parquet files into one

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I have parquet files per item in ADLS sitting under each of subfolders named the same as the item name. The folder structure is like this, "abfss://storage_name@MetContainer"

under this path, I have subfolders named: 'applev1','bananav2','grapev3','orangev1','applev2' ( but there are some other folders named differently) ex) "abfss://storage_name@MetContainer"

and under each of these folders, I have parquet files with the same schema.

what I want to do is to merge the parquet files under each of these folders(applev1,bananav2) into one dataframe.

I know I can read parquet files in ADX from ADX like this..

.create external table sample_table (column1: string,column2: string,column3:string
kind = storage
dataformat = parquet('abfss://storage_name@MetContainer')

but I need to merge all the parquet files per item(applev1,bananav2,grapev3) into one table..

How can I do this in ADX? anyone can help?

I also posted this in StackOverflow,, please see the discussion in comment as well.

Would really appreciate your help!

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