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How to use Camera2(Android) in maui

I am currently migrating my Xamarin.Forms app to .NET MAUI, and having a difficulty in migrating viewrenderer for camera2 in android. The page comes blank when I try to load the camera2 using renderer. I am using viewrenderer with native view for camera2

Please help!

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Do you use this steps to migrate your Xamarin project to MAUI project?
When you start your project, please monitor your log in the logcat.

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Basically I have created a new project and shifted my entire project files in there
Installed all required libraries
Changes in namespace
and all required things, with the help of Migrating-from-Xamarin.Forms-(Preview)

but still not working

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I am using viewrenderer with native view for camera2

Viewrenderer is obsolete, please Create a custom control using handlers

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