What PowerShell script can rename folders or files in a folder/file path on a SharePoint Online Document Library, this way?

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Hi there
What PowerShell script can rename folders or files in a SharePoint Online Document Library, taking CurrentURLs and NewURLs from a CSV file?
The renaming may need to be done anywhere in the path, it could be a new name for a folder/subfolder/file.

Sample CSV file. Bold items need to be renamed:
CurrentURL, NewUrl
https://abc.sharepoint.com/sites/docs/folder/**subfolder**/file1.docx, https://abc.sharepoint.com/sites/docs/folder/**subfolder2**/file1.docx
https://abc.sharepoint.com/sites/docs/**finance**/subfolder/file1.docx, https://abc.sharepoint.com/sites/docs/**finance2**/subfolder/file1.docx
https://abc.sharepoint.com/sites/docs/finance/subfolder/**file1**.docx, https://abc.sharepoint.com/sites/docs/finance/subfolder/**file2**.docx


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    Hi @frob ,

    You could follow the code below to rename each location. The FolderURL and FileURL below can be changed to folder or subfolder paths.

    $SiteURL = "https://abc.sharepoint.com/sites/MeredithTest"  
    $FolderURL= "lib1/a/11"   
    $FolderNewName ="aa"  
    $FileURL= "lib1/a/aa/Document3.docx"  
    $NewFileName ="wenjian.docx"  
    #Connect to PnP Online  
    Connect-PnPOnline -Url $SiteURL -Credentials (Get-Credential)  
    #Rename the Folder  
    Rename-PnPFolder -Folder $FolderURL -TargetFolderName $FolderNewName  
    #Rename the File  
    Rename-PnPFile -SiteRelativeUrl $FileURL -TargetFileName $NewFileName -Force  

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