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I'm trying to test Stream analytics job inputs and outputs from Powershell (it is part of release pipeline). Everything is fine unless I come across an input of type "reference" (eg. SQL database). I'm using command Test-AzStreamAnalyticsInput.

It immediately returns "false" and in Stream Analytics job Activity log I can see error:

Operation name: Test Stream Analytics Job Input  
Time stamp: xxx  
Event initiated by: xxx  
Error code: BadRequest  
Message: Feature or property 'SQL reference data' is not supported in API version 2016-03-01. Please use API version 2019-06-01.  
SQL Database is available as a Reference input source in API version 2019-06-01 and newer. Serialization and compression properties do not apply to this input source.  

On the other hand, reference input test from Azure Portal GUI works fine. I did some research but I'm lost where and how to set the API version using Powershell, so I can test all inputs without failure.


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    Hello @DeeplyGrow ,

    I just heared back from the the internal team and they did confimred that they are aware of the fact the Test-AzStreamAnalyticsInput does not work with referenced input . At this time they do not have the a time line as to when this will be released .

    I have added the ask on the feedback forum :


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  1. answered 2020-09-28T06:38:38.227+00:00
    DeeplyGrow 21 Reputation points

    Thanks for your response and time.

    Is there any alternative way to test reference input (eg. check if reference resource is existing and is running)?