Unknown ASC Codes

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Hello all, there are 5 ASC codes I don't understand what they are?

129 141 143 144 157

Can they appear in Strings?

And 173, how Soft Hyphen looks like?

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  1. Michael Taylor 49,166 Reputation points

    .NET strings are Unicode so anything is valid pretty much. The ANSI codes that you mentioned (which overlap the Unicode but prefixed with 00) are all outside the printable range but strings can have unprintable characters in them. This is perfectly legal and it is how binary data is transferred across many data formats including XML and JSON. There are no requirements in any (modern) language that I'm aware of that the characters in a string be printable.

    As defined by wikipedia the hex code for that character is 0xAD which is 173 decimal in ANSI. In Unicode they are prefixed with 00 so it would map to 0x00AD.

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  2. LesHay 7,126 Reputation points

    Asc code values only extend to 127 and although you can have many codes beyond that which have readable charactares, there are many that don't and/or are used as control characters (eg printers etc).

    See HERE for a better explanation.

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  3. Bruce (SqlWork.com) 57,731 Reputation points

    To know the values of your codes, you need to know the character set used. For example 144 is typically e with an accent.

    A soft hyphen is used to mark hyphen breakpoints in a word.

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