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Hello Everyone,
I created a database with tables that have the options to a form / another table, when I import it into Excel using Data tab, the options come in as numbers (ID Field) instead of the actual values. what do I need to change in properties / settings to import the actual values instead?

Thank you for your help.

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    Make this query:
    SELECT RESTbl.RESTbl AS [Caused by], RESCrw.RESCrw AS Crew, RESAct.RESAct AS Act, MainEnt.[Part Nmber], PTName.[Part Name], PTDefects.PTDefect AS Defects, MainEnt.[Scrap Date], MainEnt.Qty
    FROM PTDefects INNER JOIN (PTName INNER JOIN (RESAct INNER JOIN (RESCrw INNER JOIN (RESTbl INNER JOIN MainEnt ON RESTbl.ID = MainEnt.[Caused by]) ON RESCrw.ID = MainEnt.Crew) ON RESAct.ID = MainEnt.Act) ON PTName.ID = MainEnt.[Part Name]) ON PTDefects.ID = MainEnt.Defect;

    Import the query into Excel.

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  1. xps350 376 Reputation points

    What you use here is a so called look up table. In your main table you store an ID (foreign key to the look up table). What you call the "actual values" are stored in the look up table. If you create a look up field in your main table Acces will STORE an ID but SHOW the actual value. Excel only sees and imports the stored value (ID).

    The solution is to create a query in Access joining both your main table as the look up table. Show the actual value in the query. Import the query into Excel.

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    The principle remains the same. Instead of a qeury with two tables, create one with six tables (main table and 5 look up table).

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    Can you share an example of your database? For example via (a link to) OneDrive or Googledrive?

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