HTTPS 403 error from Azure function

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Hello, I have two service on Azure

  1. App service deployed with flask that serve as Front End
  2. Function that serve as Back End

The App service as a custom domain and a static IP after binding my custom domain with IP SSL and certificate
The function has access restriction enable with the static IP that I got after binding.

When I made a call I got a 403 Error, if I get the listed of IP rejected by the function I got the list of the outbound IP of the App service.

So my question is: I have to set all the outbound IP of the App service or there is a way I can use the static IP obtained after bounding domain?

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  1. SnehaAgrawal-MSFT 18,541 Reputation points

    Apologies for late response here! You may want to know that App Service app runs in an App Service plan, and App Service plans are deployed into one of the deployment units called as webspace. Each deployment unit is assigned a set of virtual IP addresses, which includes one public inbound IP address and a set of outbound IP addresses.
    But if you scale your app between tier, one or more of the four outbound IP addresses may change (with some of the additional outbound IP addresses)

    Check: When outbound IPs change

    If you are looking for that your App Service is use a fixed IP address then for static outbound IP you can use Azure NAT Gateway and static inbound IP you may use Application gateway.

    Refer to this detail blog How to use static IP addresses with Azure App Service

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