My VS Community C++ release executable doesn't - sometimes - show on the screen possibly due to a communication conflict with Microsoft OneDrive.

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My release executable(==L) is 1,526 KB, runs flawlessly on both my Windows 7 desktop and 5 Window 10/11 desktop/laptop computers but not on one Window 10 desktop computer. The same happened while developing it in VS Community 2022. The first time it happened in this VS Community 2022 Windows reported that another program was waiting for L's response. I detected it was Microsoft OneDrive(==MOD) by "end tasking" it in the taskmanager making L show on the screen. So far the facts! Some want to see/test/use my executable L. But I can't guarantee L will run visibly on the sreen. So obviously my code is lacking the ability to escape from this dilemma! If I only knew HOW! Stronger still I can't understand L running OK on so many Windows 10/11 computers. Most of them like my own Windows 10 should have MOD active, I even asked it and it was confirmed! So I have to admit I don't know of any solution for this dilemma! I can imagine some Window Messages going up and down the pipeline that my MainWndProc() has to deal with to end this dilemma. CAN ANYONE HELP ME?

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