TEAMS Notifcation pops up for Zoom scheduled meetings

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We have recently discovered a strange issue.
Just wondering if anyone has a solution for this?

  1. We have already removed the option to append teams meeting to calendar. This is not the issue.
  2. User creates a ZOOM meeting with Zoom addin.
  3. Confirmed that there is no TEAMS meeting information in the calendar entry.
  4. If TEAMS client is running, it will pop up a notification. However it's not for the actual zoom meeting, it's creating a link to TEAMs meeting. This is coming from the TEAMs client.
  5. Outlook pop up working properly.
  6. So you can imagine, users click this pop up and are clicking the link from the TEAMs notication which is not the ZOOM meeting.
  7. If TEAMs client is off, there is no issue.
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  1. MrHackerBoi8125 90 Reputation points

    Well, if you are using the teams Zoom Addon, then it is only natural for teams to create a reminder for you, as part of the Zoom Addon is to do that.

    What i would do if i were you, is either check your Zoom Addon settings to see if there is a toggle switch for teams reminders, or you could just use the website version of Zoom, provided below. Hope this helped!

    Zoom website URL:

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  2. Danish Gul Khattak 335 Reputation points

    It seems like there might be an integration conflict between Zoom and Teams, especially with notifications. One solution could be to check the Teams add-in settings within Outlook to ensure it's not conflicting with Zoom. Additionally, verifying the default meeting provider settings in both Teams and Outlook might help address this issue. If the problem persists, reaching out to Zoom and Microsoft support could provide more specific assistance tailored to your environment.

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