Documentation for "Packing Rules for Constant Variables" is wrong

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Documentation for Packing Rules for Constant Variables ( or is wrong.

I'm making constant buffer in DirectX11 HLSL (shader model 5) and introspecting it through the code:

Shader code looks like this:

And my program output:

So, size of constant buffer is 32 bytes. I assume, it is packed like this:

Documentation stands, that:

I assume, it is packed like this:

Documentation's constant buffer is 48 bytes long. Actual (mine): 32 bytes. Structures identical, no special shader compilation flags provided.

This documentations is in category "Shader Model 4", so I also tried "ps_4_0" profile, but nothing has changed.

I generally understand, how packing for HLSL shaders works. I'm trying to write app which uses shader reflection to generate structures of buffers for C++. HLSL's actual packing is ok, but documentation makes me upset, like I'm doing something wrong.

Please, help me to determine where is the mistake.

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