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I am using the Azure C sdk and struggling to implement a solution that checks the connection status during the sending of messages. My application that connects to the iothub is not designed to be persistent, so I need to know if I lose connection while sending data so I can try again later. Any information would be great on how to either get the acknowledgement statement that the IoTHub received my information, or a way to check connection status during the DoWork loop.

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    Hello @David , Could you please add more info on your C lang Code snippet or any Github link where we can have a look at the public facing code snippet?
    Please add any tutorial or the document reference which you have followed for getting started on this scenario.

    Community SME's on this topic or our team will review your scenario and circle back at the possible earliest time.

    First, create a message:




    static void SendConfirmationCallback(IOTHUB_CLIENT_CONFIRMATION_RESULT result, void* userContextCallback)  
        EVENT_INSTANCE* eventInstance = (EVENT_INSTANCE*)userContextCallback;  
        (void)printf("Confirmation[%d] received for message tracking id = %zu with result = %s\r\n", callbackCounter, eventInstance->messageTrackingId, MU_ENUM_TO_STRING(IOTHUB_CLIENT_CONFIRMATION_RESULT, result));  
        /* Some device specific action code goes here... */  

    Note the call to the IoTHubMessage_Destroy function when you're done with the message. This function frees the resources allocated when you created the message.