How to migrate an Azure SQL database with multiple read replicas to an Azure Managed SQL instance

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What is the recommended approach to migrating an Azure SQL Database with several replicas configured, and migrate to a target Azure Managed SQL Instance and reconfigure the replicas?

Database size is roughly 800GB however a lot of this is index space so the bacpac itself should be considerably smaller in size - assuming bacpac is the way to go?

Can DMS be used using Azure SQL DB as a source and Azure MI as a target? I didn't think it can - at least according to the MS doco it's not listed as a source but thought I'd check :)

Can the migration be done online or would it need to be an offline migration for the duration of the end-to-end process?

How do I deal with the replicas which are located in a different geo region?

Thanks in advance

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    There is not currently a direct migration path from Azure SQL Database to Azure SQL Managed Instance. The best available option would be to create a .bacpac file from the source database and import that onto Azure SQL MI. This would obviously be an offline migration. Once your Azure SQL Managed Instance database is online you could look into implementing Auto Failover groups for additional replicas of your data. Please see the below doc for more information on Auto Failover groups.