why I am able to login in CLI using username and password, when I have 2FA enabled

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Hi Team,
I have MFA enabled on our accounts. I first enter the credentials and then approve on microsoft authenticator app. So I believe this makes our authentication as 2FA.

I am not able to login using user credentials through MSAL library as we have MFA enabled. and it throws exception to disable it.

But now, I am trying with CLI and surprisingly, with this, I am able to log in just by using -> az login -u username -p password.

now, what I understand that CLI stores refresh token (after 1st successful login) and using which we are able to log in. But I did remove the .azure folder under my HOMEPATH and still I am able to login using just this command- > az login -u username -p password

So why so? any idea what could I be doing wrong?
From what I read from document is -> This approach doesn't work with Microsoft accounts or accounts that have two-factor authentication enabled.

Microsoft Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator
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Azure Role-based access control
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Microsoft Entra ID
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    Check this page with the information on the Azure CLi and how the process works with regards to authentication, point is regarding the authentication refresh token and it is not stored on the device as per the MS article authenticate-azure-cli
    However the az command and this approach doesn't work with Microsoft accounts or accounts that have two-factor authentication enabled. So it seems to me that device code is used for authentication instead of User v2-oauth2-device-code

    Read this thread with the explanation on this. login-to-azure-cli-with-mfa

    Hope this helps.

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