Azure notifications for apple stuck as incoming messages

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I've been working on the notifications for one of my companies apps. Android is working great, and the Test Send notifications from Azure to the Apple Devices works. However, whenever I send a notification from the backend to Azure for apple, it makes it from the backend to azure, but forever remains an incoming message. My code is identical to the code in the code in Azure's documentation, and I have tried everything I can think of. Any help would be greatly appreciated.250196-screenshot-2022-10-13-144402.png

Azure Notification Hubs
Azure Notification Hubs
An Azure service that is used to send push notifications to all major platforms from the cloud or on-premises environments.
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  1. ajkuma 22,851 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    ClintBoyett, To begin with, just to clarify - Notification hub is a single push resource holds cross-platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows versions) push information of one app. - 'All incoming Requests' – Is the total incoming requests for a notification hub (all platforms).

    1. What does "All incoming Requests" mean?
    A. This is the number of API calls for the given hub (send, installation, etc).

    2. And how does it differ from "Incoming Messages"?
    A. This is the number of send API calls for the hub ( is all send API calls)

    3. How should I compare the above with "All Outgoing Notifications"?
    A. Outgoing notifications is the number of pushes we sent to the PNS.
    This will not match “Incoming Messages” as this is the number of target devices, not the number of send API calls.

    So, in general it will not match Incoming Messages unless each send request only targets a single device

    4.If you see a difference between "All Outgoing Notifications" and "Successful notifications" (in both directions), is there any way to find out the notifications that are failing or may be ongoing?

    A. For namespaces which are Standard SKU, we provide telemetry/feedback via the following APIs:


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  2. ajkuma 22,851 Reputation points Microsoft Employee


    You must upload the certificate you use in a sandbox environment to a separate hub than the certificate/hub you'll use in production. If you have uploaded different types of certificates to the same hub. It may cause notification failures.

    --If you inadvertently upload different types of certificates to the same hub, you should delete the hub and start fresh with a new hub. If for some reason you can't delete the hub, you must at least delete all the existing registrations from the hub. || Reference -APN configuration

    Push notifications depend on third-party Platform Notification Systems such as Apple's Push Notification Service (APNs - as in your case) and Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), there is no SLA guarantee for the delivery of these messages. After Notification Hubs sends the batches to Platform Notification Systems (SLA guaranteed), it is the responsibility of the Platform Notification Systems to deliver the pushes (no SLA guaranteed).

    --Also, review Diagnose and solve problems blade to fetch some more details -
    Navigate to your Notification Hub on Azure Portal and select ‘Diagnose and solve problems’

    Kindly let us know, I'll follow-up with you further.

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