Platform-specific Initialization versus .NET MAUI Application Class

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Under Xamarin, the Application class Xamarin.Forms.Application depends on the LoadApplication(new App) call that need to be executed during a platform-specific launch.

With .NET MAUI, the Application class Microsoft.Maui.Controls.Application now has a life of its own. It means that with .NET MAUI, the Application class can be executed before platform-specific initialization prerequisites are completed. Migration from Xamarin to .NET MAUI will therefore require to take care of this important difference.

An ad-hoc approach can be taken to solve the problem so as to sync platform-specific initialization with dependent code in the .NET MAUI Application class and subsequent user code. As important the .NET MAUI Application lifecycle is, I am assuming that there may be a solution that is robust out there, as opposed to an ad-hoc approach.


I'm using Plugin.Fingerprint package for fingerprint sensor based security. The package requires initialization during platform launch, for instance, for Android CrossFingerprint.SetCurrentActivityResolver(() => this); initialization is required in MainActivity OnCreate().

The issue is that the fingerprint sensor code can be reached before the required platform initialization.

Is there a recommended approach to solving this issue?

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    The issue is that the fingerprint sensor code can be reached before the required platform initialization.Is there a recommended approach to solving this issue?

    You can add your code of initialization to the MauiProgram.cs and wrap the Conditional compilation for Platform-specific code like the following code.

       public static class MauiProgram  
           public static MauiApp CreateMauiApp()  
               var builder = MauiApp.CreateBuilder();  
       #if ANDROID  
       // execute your android init code  
       #elif IOS  
       // execute your iOS init code  
       // execute other platform init code  
                   .ConfigureFonts(fonts =>  
                       fonts.AddFont("OpenSans-Regular.ttf", "OpenSansRegular");  
                       fonts.AddFont("OpenSans-Semibold.ttf", "OpenSansSemibold");  
                   }) ;  
              return builder.Build();  

    Best Regards,

    Leon Lu

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