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I am using ADF to copy some files from blob to SFTP. I copy a single file at a time. The output filename is the same as the input file. I am using the option "Upload with temp file" set to true. Hence, ADF adds a suffix to the file while uploading and the name appears something like this while upload happens - "File1.co1.0b5d55ed4ebd4112bfa60e10f972c28d".
Finally, when the file is uploaded it renames the file to the original file which is File1.co1.

All, this is fine and works fine.
However, I wanted that the intermediate temp file that is getting created - can I influence the name of the temp file in any manner instead of azure giving something of a random string?
Ideally, I would want the temp file to "File1.co1_sending" - is that possible?

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    Hello @MK ,

    Thanks for the question and using MS Q&A platform.

    It is not possible to modify/influence the temp file name. It is autogenerated by ADF using the current pipeline runID for the temp file name (the naming rule is adding runid in the file name) and then do a rename operation to finish the copy.

    As a user we do not have a control over it. It is by current design.

    But if you have any feedback/feature request regarding this, I recommend logging your feedback in IDEAS forum here: All the feedback shared in this forum are actively monitored and reviewed by respective product owners.

    Once you have logged the feedback, please do share the URL here so that we can also up-vote/comment on it. Sharing it here also helps community to up-vote/comment and share additional feedbacks, which would help prioritize the request accordingly.

    Hope this info helps.


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