No database on the second Exchange Server

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After installing the second Exchange Server 2019 CU12 (no issues during installations) I was greatly surprised to see the newly-installed server does not have any mailbox database - I mean there always was a default database on each MB server installed and I remember I had posted the question here on MS forum regarding what is the best practice with this database on second (third..._ Exchange servers.

Maybe I'm missing something here and this behaviour is now by design???


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Exchange Server Management
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    Hi @Mikhail Firsov ,

    In the installation of the second EXCH you provide:
    We can see that in your second Exchange installation, although the paths are different, the names of the databases are all DB01. I think that is the problem.
    Database names should be unique in Exchange and using the same database name is not recommended.

    In my installation tests, if I used MdbName to specify the same database name (DB01), the results were the same as yours.

    If I use MdbName to specify a different database name (DB02 and DB02S), I will get the following normal results:

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  1. Mikhail Firsov 1,876 Reputation points

    Hi LiLyLi2-MSFT,

    "It is recommended that you sign in to the EAC to check if this server has a default mailbox database":

    Both Exchange Servers are 2019 installed on Windows Server 2022.

    "what would be the result if you used Get-MailboxDatabase directly?" - sorry, didn't get it: what does mean "directly"? I've posted the result of the Get-MailboxDatabase -Server EXCH2 above and that command was issued on EXCH2. Ommiting "-Server EXCH2" leads to the single output - "DB01 on EXCH1", exactly as in EAC.


  2. Mikhail Firsov 1,876 Reputation points

    Hi imamitsingh,

    Thank yor for the reply!

    Unfortunately these links don't have the answer to my question.

    Roughly six months earlier I deployed two Exchange Servers CU11 and there was a default database on the second CU11 server - now I've taken exactly the same steps with CU12 but there's no default db on the second server... ???

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  3. Mikhail Firsov 1,876 Reputation points

    Hi LiLyLi2-MSFT,

    Thank you for the reply!

    Installation of EXCH1:

    .\Setup.exe /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms_DiagnosticDataON /Mode:Install /Roles:Mailbox /on:"TestENTERPRISE" /EnableErrorReporting /TargetDir:"C:\EXCHANGE" /MdbName:"DB01" /DbFilePath:"C:\EXCHANGE\DATABASES\DB01\DB01.edb" /LogFolderPath:"C:\EXCHANGE\DATABASES\DB01"

    Installation of EXCH2:

    .\Setup.exe /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms_DiagnosticDataON /Mode:Install /Roles:Mailbox /on:"TestENTERPRISE" /EnableErrorReporting /TargetDir:"C:\EXCHANGE" /MdbName:"DB01" /DbFilePath:"C:\EXCHANGE\DATABASES\DB01S\DB01S.edb" /LogFolderPath:"C:\EXCHANGE\DATABASES\DB01S"

    There's only one database on EXCH2 - DB01 - that's being replicated from EXCH1:


    By the way, there's one more strange thing in this installation: as you see from above commands I prefer placing DB and log files to C:\EXCHANGE\DATABASES[ ] folder and I have never had any problems with that (I had been using the exact same commands recently when I was installing CU11), but this time the location of log files hasn't changed:


    P.S. EXCH2 is up and running flawlessly!