Error "[Errno 5] Input/output error" when opening ADLS Blob from mounted file system

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Using a Synapse Pyspark Notebook I have mounted an ADLS container and checked this is working ok with the following command:


This shows underlying folders and files as expected :

"[FileInfo(path=synfs:/1/synapse-ws01/app, name=app, size=0),
FileInfo(path=synfs:/1/synapse-ws01/client_secrets.json, name=client_secrets.json, size=441),
FileInfo(path=synfs:/1/synapse-ws01/mnt, name=mnt, size=0),
FileInfo(path=synfs:/1/synapse-ws01/synapse, name=synapse, size=0)]"

However when I attempt to open the file "client_secrets.json" using the command:

"f ="/synfs/{jobid}/synapse-ws01/client_secrets.json",os.O_RDONLY)"

The execution hangs for about 6 minutes and finally returns:

"OSError: [Errno 5] Input/output error: '/synfs/1/synapse-ws01/client_secrets.json'"

The logs do not provide any clues as to what the issue is. The Synapse Workspace is a Storage Blob Data Contributor on the Storage Account. I have also repeated this test against a newly created test Storage Account with no firewall restrictions and the same result occurred.

Can anyone help or advise as to how I might get some more detail as to the error?



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