Windows slow when use the computer continuously for three or four days without shutting it down

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I recently used my laptop as an office computer, with the screen covered up and attached to a monitor. But after three or four days of using it (without shutting it down and just ctrl+L
locking the screen), when I woke it up again one morning, the overall response was slow.
The average cpu and memory usage was around 20% at the time, so I'm not sure why this
happened. This kind of problem has a high probability of recurrence, and I don't know where to start from the etl log

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Windows Performance Toolkit
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  1. Hafiz Muhammad Usman Qureshi 1 Reputation point


    I hope you are fine.

    You should check your storage drive health, if you are using a standard hard disk drive kindly upgrade to SSD (solid state drive) which is 70% faster than standard hard disk drives. Use "Crystel Disk Info"** software for checking storage drive health.

    If you are already using SSD then also check your SSD health with "Crystel Disk Info" because it is a very common fault in SSD Drives.

    Moreover, basic laptops are not designed for continuous use you must shut down your laptop when a laptop is not in use.

    I'm available for your help remotely.

    Best Regards,
    Usman Qureshi

  2. Hafiz Muhammad Usman Qureshi 1 Reputation point


    I hope you are fine.

    Can you please share the specification of your laptop and also provide details of your running apps then we can find the root cause of the slow speed.

    What kind of workload you are using on your laptop?

    Share your windows version and windows defender status. Sometimes disk is fragmented and needs optimization.

    I'm just trying to share some basic diagnostic requirements because as per your question your hardware is working fine this is an OS and applications-related issue.

    Best Regards,
    Usman Qureshi

  3. Konstantin Chernyi 161 Reputation points

    the overall response was slow.

    What exactly do you mean by that? Starting new app take a lot of time? or switching between already running apps? This usually pretty ease to analyze by using Wait Analysis/ Critical path technique -

    Usually it's great to have a trace with clear marker in it. For example, when issue repro start data collection by wpr -start cpu -start generalprofile
    then start app like notepad or something like that, simple and light, this will be your marker in trace to start analysis, when app fully started stop data collection and start having fun)

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