Bastion deployment fails and no option to specify which subscription to use

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Attempting to create a Bastion connection to connect to my VM always fails with the error

{ "shellProps": { "sessionId": "a33430777bd34fe99ce0b903aac434c2", "extName": "HubsExtension", "contentName": "ResourceMenuBlade", "resourceId": "/subscriptions/6efaa2c1-f22d-44e3-812d-984f7a7f1064/resourceGroups/walkingCorpse_group/providers/Microsoft.Network/bastionHosts/walkingCorpseVNet-bastion" }, "error": { "message": "Resource not found", "code": 404, "details": { "htmlTemplate": "The resource was not found, it may have been deleted. If this was launched from a pinned tile on the dashboard, it should be removed.<br /><br />Resource ID: /subscriptions/6efaa2c1-f22d-44e3-812d-984f7a7f1064/resourceGroups/walkingCorpse_group/providers/Microsoft.Network/bastionHosts/walkingCorpseVNet-bastion<br /><br />Status Code: 404<br /><br />Status Message: The Resource 'Microsoft.Network/bastionHosts/walkingCorpseVNet-bastion' under resource group 'walkingCorpse_group' was not found. For more details please go to" } }}

I have created a subscription using my credit card but there is no option to specify that the Bastion should use my subscription instead of the Free trial, if that is the cause of the problem. If something else is the issue, what is it?

Azure Bastion
Azure Bastion
An Azure service that provides private and fully managed Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Secure Shell (SSH) access to virtual machines.
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