add new HDD but it doesnt show the size change

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Hi there microsoft i add new HDD WD 8 TB but it doesnt show on the pool

i tried to change the size and does not allows me to change it it should be 36.3 TB only shows 29.1

on the storage pool it shows 36.3 on top and shows 29.0 created

on the list it shows rename and remove on the last HDD i just added

can you guys help me with this issue please and why i see this remove is the HDD failure or damage
this is windows PRO OEM DELL Server

could you guys create one upgrade for storage pool when a drive failure or damage it shows a modal window warning of the drive and DELL number as i have 8 Drivers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 DELL Server R510 i have 20 Servers

Drive (0) = WD 8 TB Status = OK
Driver (1) = Toshiba 8 TB Status = OK
Driver (2) = Toshiba 8 TB Status = OK
Driver (3) = Toshiba 8 TB Status = OK
Driver (4) = Empty
Driver (5) = Empty
Driver (6) = Empty
Driver (7) = Empty

could you made this as swap without turning off the server remove the disk and add new one without turn off the server

any update to remove the disk and on my DELL Servers the lights are off i would like to see them on
which HDD is working and not

the DELL Management console works on windows server 2008/2012 i dont need this servers windows 8.1 its enough for what i need and windows server 2012 gives error on storage pool it wont open

could you guys create any SP1 for windows Pro with new storage pool and remove the DISK without turn off the machine

any help please is welcome




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    Hi. Thank you for your question and reaching out.

    Update the external hard drive driver, please.

    1. Keep your external hard drive plugged into your computer, then select Properties by performing a right-click on This PC/My Computer.
    2. Universal USB Serial Bus controllers can be expanded by clicking "device management" in the left pane.
      A yellow exclamation point will then appear next to the broken controller. Select "Update driver" or "Update driver software" with a right-click on the device.
    3. To automatically look for updated driver software, select this option.

    Try updating the firmware on an external hard drive as well.

    1. Check the external hard drive's firmware version.

    1.1 Connect your external hard drive to your computer, then select Device Manager by performing a right-click on the Windows icon.
    1.2. When you have found and expanded Disk Drivers, right-click on your external hard drive and choose Properties.
    1.3. Hardware IDs can be chosen from the Properties drop-down menu by clicking "Details" after that.
    The Value box will display the manufacturer and firmware version information.

    1. Obtain the most recent firmware for your external hard drive.

    2.1. Open the support page for the company that made your external hard drive on their website, or look for driver downloads there.
    2.2. Select Drivers, Download, or Support.
    2.3. After that, search Downloads or Model / Parts ID in Search Knowledgebase using the model number of your external hard drive or hard drive to discover the appropriate one.

    If the reply was helpful, please don’t forget to upvote or accept as answer, thank you.

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  1. Ricardo Sousa 66 Reputation points

    Hi there i did all what you said i m IT guy and nothing happen
    i try to install new firmwares

    all HDD are connected to backpanel its DELL Server R510 i have 5 HDD connected at the moment
    will upgrade another 3 soon

    i m using the OEM DELL Pro WIndows 8.1 i guess its missing drivers for this windows
    i know this windows its not made for this servers

    this servers supports windows 2008/2012 but i try the windows 2012 always shows blue screen

    i installed on another rack server to make sure whats wrong and same thing happen blue screens
    then i changed to the OEM DELL the windows 8.1
    it works without blue screens

    the main problem i m having now its the HDD on the storage spaces as you see
    all other drivers works that one doesn't

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