Word (MS365 desktop) - [F4] 'Repeat the last command key no longer works

Fliss Z 1 Reputation point

I use the MS Word (MS365 desktop) [F4] key all the time to 'repeat the last command'. My keyboard does NOT require the FN key to be held down and, until last week was working perfectly. I have not changed my laptop so...

One example: when I access the Font dialog box, make several changes and click OK, the font changes are displayed. Accessing NO other command in between, I select another piece of text and press [F4]. Font changes, up to today, were repeated successfully

Today, it stopped working 100% of the time... that's right, it works occasionally. Around 95% of the time [F4] Repeat Last Command key doesn't work.

All possible 'variables' my end are the same; same laptop, same (experienced) user, same situations. The only variable outside of my control is 'MS Office update' since I last used the feature (around a week and a half ago).

Is this a known upgrade bug? If not, what's changed recently to make this key effectively stop functioning?



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Word Management
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  1. Stefan Blom 1,951 Reputation points MVP

    Either the shortcut has been reassigned (look in the Customize Keyboard dialog box) or something else is "interfering" with its proper operation. Have you installed any add-ins recently, for example?

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  2. Fliss Z 1 Reputation point

    Thanks for the prompt reply, Stefan.

    No, and no. I've been around the block long enough to know not to reassign standard keystrokes without an extremely good reason (and certainly not my favourite [F4]!) and, no I have not installed any add-ins in the last week. I have not install any apps in the last week either. Unless a new add-in was auto-installed with the latest update?

    It's my laptop and no one else has admin access to install applications or add-ins.