SQL 2019 - on-premise database replication to SQL Managed Instance shows the DAG, but not the database

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We have two physical SQL 2019 CU17 servers (on Windows server 2019) in high availability mode, on-premise.

We initiated replication from the current primary, to an Azure SQL Managed Instance, of a database that is almost 800 GB.

The SQL Managed Instance is General Purpose with 4vCores and 1952 GB in storage.

The DAG shows up on the primary (and not the secondary), and the replicated database does not show up on the Azure console, nor via SSMS connection to the Azure SQL Managed Instance.

First I am wondering why the database does not appear on the SQL Managed Instance:

  • was there a network interruption during replication? or
  • is on-premise HA pairs, not capable of also replicating to a SQL Managed Instance? or
  • other possible reasons?

We tested this same database previously (restored from backup) , with a stand alone test SQL Server (same version) and it replicated the database just fine.
The database was subsequently dropped after the test.

A short while later we intiated the replication again from the HA pair (live) to the same SQL Managed Instance.

  • is it possible that a database of the same name causes a problem even though the test db was dropped?
  • other reasons?
  • should the DAG be deleted and try again, as a run through the replication wizard indicates the target db is already enabled for replication and can not be selected again

Kindly share your experiences / expertise

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  1. JimmySalian-2011 42,046 Reputation points


    Can you check the troubleshooting steps and also check the process listed in this article , troubleshoot-common-connectivity-issues, log errors

    If the logs does not provide enough details I will suggest you to raise a support call with Microsoft to investigate this in detail.

    Hope this helps.

    Please "Accept the answer" if the information helped you. This will help us and others in the community as well.

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  2. Andrea Stub 21 Reputation points

    Hi JimmySalian-2011, thank you for the link. That did not resolve the problem.

    MS case opened and cause unknown but suspected there may have been a network glich while replicating.

    Four days later the 800 GB database successfully showed up on the Azure console and in SSMS. No corrective action was taken.

    Again MS is confounded and suspect the delay was due to the size of the db.

    If root cause is found I will update this post.

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