"No source code was seen during the build." is reported when using CodeQL CLI to create database.

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To complete the "Static Tools Logo Test" test in HLK, I downloaded CodeQL v2.4.6 and the repository to generate a log file in sarif format. But when I run my batch file by VS2022 to create the database, an error is reported as follows: No source code was seen during the build.


This causes the database creation to fail! Then i cannot generate the log file in sarif format!

My target test system is Win10 21H2 LTSC, so I downloaded the WHCP_21H2 branch of the repository "Windows Driver Developer Supplementary Tools" and downloaded CodeQL CLI v2.4.6 according to the requirements of the WHCP_21H2 branch. I enabled "post generation event" for VS2022 and edited the corresponding bat script. However, during the database creation phase, an error will be reported as follows:
No source code was seen during the build.

I have searched for many forums but failed to solve this problem. Please help me, thank you!

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Windows Hardware Performance
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