Urgent Help Needed! My account got hacked!

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I opened an free Azure account in July as I was told to do so by a potential employer who turned out to be a scammer. It was supposedly to work in their company and I think he phised my password. I tried to close my Azure account shortly after and contact someone for call back about it but my request was ignored. Shortly after I received a email that there was suspicious activity on my Azure account and that it was shut down. It's shut now and I cannot log in.

  • PLEASE NOTE *This was a previous account not the one I write from now

Now recently I started receiving invoices for 500£ and emails that they tried to take the money of my account but failed due to insufficient funds. I even closed my credit card and called my bank about it but they cannot do anything until money is taken off it. I cannot communicate with Microsoft I tried calling but that leads nowhere, I don't even know if these emails are genuinely from Microsoft due to my account having been hacked or if they are fake from the same or different hackers. The emails come from noreply@microsoft.com. Also my name on the invoice is not the same as on my credit card. I use a different name artistically which is also the name used on my email. What can I do about this? The emails say that I should log in to see my invoice but clearly I can't and if it try to log in with that email it just tells me it does not belong to any account. Please help

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